Runny NOSE

By in cyberjaya on April 26, 2008

The next time you’re having runny nose, grab a marker pen and think before you sniff it ** Read warning lines below.

Well, I did so. Sniffing a marker pen will help stop that mucus oozing out from your nose every few seconds. Not sure how it does it; but being able to supress the mucus production from the nose glands and sinuses; thats enough and I am happy!

Of course, I made sure that the permanent marker is non-toxic and xylene-free; be safe!

Xylene when inhaled can seriously affect the central nervous system, increase liver enzymes, and irritate eyes/nose/throat. Other effects of Xylene exposure can include: headaches, light headedness, loss of co-ordination and loss of consciousness. So sniff responsibly to your own body :-)

Sniffing inhalants that can get you high may lead to substance abuse.


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